Janice De Belen sizzles in the kitchen

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When cooking, Janice De Belen is in her element.

The knife flashes brightly as she cuts the onion and garlic to pieces with precision in an amazing speed. She effortlessly flips the chicken in the pan, without looking, and while regaling her viewers with vignettes of her kitchen experiences. Despite a few tense moments due to a minor kitchen mishap, Janice is all poise and grace — nary a hair out of place and without missing a beat.

Truly, this is one lady who reigns in the kitchen.

Janice De Belen grew up in a traditional family. Although she was already working as an actress at a tender age of 9, she was reared with family values intact. “My mom made sure that we children do our share of household duties like cooking.”

Her first stint in cooking was with Sweet and Sour Spareribs, a recipe culled from the cook book which mommy Susan De Belen handed to her. This heralded her lifelong affair with the kitchen. “That recipe was soon followed by numerous other sessions in the kitchen,” she recounts.

When Janice had her own family, her love for cooking took a more serious turn. “I’m a family person so you can say that I enjoyed cooking more when I had my kids. Before, I was in it just because I have to. When I had my own kids, I put more effort into cooking. I always make sure that what I serve them are quality, nutritious and good-tasting foods,” she shares.

“I love preparing meals for them. I love to experiment with different recipes,” she adds.

It is no wonder that her job as the host of country’s first cooking cum celebrity talk show: SPOON on Net 25 fits her to a T. This job, along with a dream to put up a food-based business, inspired her to take up culinary lessons.

She graduated with a diploma in Culinary Arts under the tutelage of Chef Gene Gonzales at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies in San Juan. “Having a diploma in Culinary Arts makes me a more credible host of a cooking show,” she reasoned.

“Also, I want to open up a restaurant in the next few years,” Janice reveals.

In fact Janice has already taken the first few steps toward this dream by selling delicious, home-made cookies online. With the help of her “techie” kiddos, Janice set up a Facebook Page entitled Inspiration Kitchen by Janice De Belen for those who want to get a glimpse of her creations.

While she relishes every aspects of the culinary process, Janice admits that she also appreciates products that make cooking and storing food more convenient. “I use special kitchen wares to make cooking or baking easier,” Janice shares. “And I really like an organized kitchen. It is so much fun to move around when you have a neat kitchen.

When Glad joined SPOON’s Tipspoon segment, Janice was delighted to discover a myriad more uses for Glad products. “Imagine frying chicken using only Glad Cook ‘n’ Bake,” she marvels. “This is recommended for people who want to enjoy fried foods but are cutting down on grease.”

Below are some of the kitchen management tips that Janice De Belen shares on Tipspoon:

On food storage: Pack meats, vegetables and fruits and leftover food separately. Use Glad Freezer Zipper Bags for raw chicken, pork, beef and other meat. Vegetables and fruits can be stored in Glad Storage Zipper Bags. Dry leftover food in small amounts can be also stored in Glad Zipper Bags while wet, soupy leftovers can be kept in Gladware food protection containers with interlocking lids.

To cut marinating time: Marinate meats in Glad Freezer bags saves you time because it cuts marinating time into half. Just pop the food in the pan or oven when it’s time to cook.

On potluck contributions: Bake cookies or pastries in Glad OvenWare – don’t forget to line the bottom of the pan with Glad Cook ‘n’ Bake paper to eliminate the need to grease. Use the same Glad Ovenware to store and serve the food.

Catch more helpful kitchen tips from Janice De Belen and Glad Food Wraps and Bags on SPOON which airs every Sunday at 6:30 PM and 10:00 PM with replays on Saturdays at 11:00 AM.