SOS for working moms during the holidays

Glad Tip!

When purchasing carrots, choose those that are firm and with no black spots. If you want to freeze excess carrots, blanch them for 3 minutes, rinse in cold water, drain and pack them in airtight containers such as GladWare Food Protection Containers, or Glad Freezer Zipper Bags.

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Glad Cook n Bake

Even seasoned parents sometimes get overwhelmed when they try to juggle their work, parenting and personal time. That’s why many busy Moms and Dads appreciate the conveniences of tools and products that help them run the household smoothly.

During hectic days, especially during holiday season when ordering fast food seems like the easiest way to keep kids fed, Glad wraps and bags come to the rescue to keep parents’ goal in check. To raise healthy kids by whipping up nutritious, well-planned meals. Making healthy meals despite a busy schedule need not be a daunting task. Glad has a few tricks up its sleeve to help parents get the most — or rather the best — out of their kitchens.

Plan your menu ahead of time. Planning beats cramming. It saves you time, energy and money in many ways. Plan ahead what ingredients to buy at the grocery.To save you from running to and from the store for an item missed, thereby saving on fare or gas consumption as well. It also gives you the option to select the best quality and healthiest ingredients for your menu.

Food Safety
GladWare food protection containers with interlocking lids have a tight seal to preserve freshness and prevent messy leaks

By planning your meals a month or week in advance you can purchase some ingredients in bulk and possibly get discounts – as opposed to buying in retail or tingi. Keep food items fresh such as meats, fish and poultry by storing them properly in GLAD Freezer Zipper Bags. GLAD Freezer Zipper Bags prevent freezer burn and keep frozen leftovers fresh and tasty for the second time around. GLAD Freezer Zipper Bag lets you see what exactly is stored and has a convenient write-on strip that takes the guesswork out of what’s in the freezer. Other food items such as vegetables, nuts and fruits can be stored in GLAD Storage Zipper bags. It has an extra-wide seal to keep food moisture-free and fresh longer, while its colored seal has a specific function: you’ll know that the bag is properly closed when it turns green after you press yellow and blue.

Make your menu realistic. Schedule easy to prepare meals during work week or hectic days. You can reserve complicated, gourmet dinners for weekends and during special occasions like Christmas. Write them on file cards for easy reference.

Get your kids to help. Involve the kids in planning, buying and cooking. Turn these chores into family-bonding moments! Allow them to make suggestions in menu planning so you will have an idea what healthy foods they prefer to eat. Children will also learn a thing or two about budgeting and the importance of reading product labels to check quality when you let them accompany you in food shopping.

Cut more time in baking by using GLAD Cook ‘n’ Bake, a special non-stick paper that helps eliminate the use of oil or grease. It’s mess-free and no need to wash cookie sheets after using them.

Make meals in big batches. Super busy parents may also benefit from cooking meals in large quantities then storing them in single-serve portions to be later re-heated and served for another meal. GladWare food protection containers with interlocking lids have a tight seal to preserve freshness and prevent messy leaks. Extra-sturdy GladWare® Containers go from the refrigerator or freezer to the microwave. These stackable containers will help keep your fridge neat and organized.

Food can be stored in a properly-functioning refrigerator for about 2 to 3 days and about a month in a freezer. Discard any food items after its ideal storage date or when there are signs of spoilage.

Prepare your children’s baon ahead of time. This ensures that they are eating quality and healthy snacks outside your home. Buy cookies, crackers and nuts in big packages then repack them in single-serving portions in GLAD Sandwich Bags or Gladware food protection containers ahead of time.

Eat your words. Practice what you preach. Be a good role model to the children by eating healthy and practicing healthy lifestyle as well.