Minimize food wastage with Glad kitchen helpers

Glad Tip!

Want to have a new “twist” in serving your onion either raw or as a garnish? After chopping/slicing, place in a Glad Storage Zipper Bag. Fill with water and toss in a few ice cubes, make sure that bag is full of water. Allow it to soak for 15 to 20 minutes or until 1 hr. Drain before serving. You will have the crispiest, sweetest and best tasting onion ever.

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Freezer Bag

Many people unknowingly lose money due to cash leaks in their household budget, and one vital source of cash leak is food wastage. Glad helps consumers address this issue, along with a need to handle and store food properly, with the following tips:

Avoid crowding your fridge. It prevents cold air from circulating properly and raises the temperature, prompting your unit to work overtime. Use Glad Zipper bags for dry food or GladWare food protection containers are stackable to keep your fridge organized and neat.

Separate raw food from cooked. When freezing, don’t store them together in single or open container. Some raw foods can contain bacteria that may be transferred to already cooked items. To keep food fresh, store them in GladWare food protection containers which have airtight lids, and cover open bowls and containers with Glad Cling Wrap to avoid contamination.

Pack leftovers in small portions. Store leftovers in single-serving portions. Slice or cut whole roasts, hams, and chicken into smaller pieces, then store in Glad Freezer Zipper Bags. Remove cakes and pastries from their boxes, cut into single-serving portions and wrap in Glad Aluminum Foil. Store salads, soups and gravies in GladWare food protection containers.

Rehash and recycle. Leftover greens, chicken, hams and other meat can be recycled into sandwich filing, salad or soup ingredients. Old (but not moldy) bread can be turned into pudding. Leftover lechon can be converted into Lechong Paksiw…just add gravy, vinegar and spices. Add tomatoes and eggs to yesterday’s fried fish to make tomorrow’s Sarciado. The cooking possibilities are simply endless.

When in doubt, throw it out. If leftovers look and smell funny, molds and bacteria may already be present. Observe proper waste disposal when discarding rotten food items. Use Glad Garbage Bags to keep your house and surrounding neat and sanitary.

Glad kitchen helpers are designed to help arrest food spoilage. It keeps the refrigerator organized too! Glad products are available in leading supermarkets nationwide.