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Glad Tip!

Cut Glad Cook ‘n’ Bake™ into patterns such as stars or hearts. Sprinkle cinnamon or nutmeg over the pattern and onto cocktails for a special touch.

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Let’s Get Organized!

Home making can be a tedious task, However overwhelming it may be, remember that super moms need help, too. Let Mommy Maricel guide you through the importance of organisation and teamwork in the family with this Mommy Minute Episode.


Five ways to keep the food you love, fresh!

With the festivities of the holiday season stretching up until February, let us be reminded to feast responsibly. Here is Mommy Maricel's take on how to keep food fresh, clean, protected that can be applied all-year long.


GLAD-to-GIVE Smiles over the Holidays

GLAD, mom’s favorite partner in keeping food fresh, makes this year’s holiday celebration extra special by supporting international cleft charity, Smile Train. Under its “GLAD-to-GIVE-a-SMILE campaign,” GLAD will be funding cleft lip and pala...


Janice De Belen sizzles in the kitchen

When cooking, Janice De Belen is in her element. The knife flashes brightly as she cuts the onion and garlic to pieces with precision in an amazing speed. She effortlessly flips the chi...


Easy-to-prepare pastries with Glad Cook

Chef James Antolin, vice president of the Pastry Alliance of the Philippines and program manager of the Institute of Culinary Arts Food Services, shares 2 yummy, nutrient-rich pastries you can prep...


Pastry chef shares secrets to creating sumptuous snacks

Packaged snacks from supermarkets, although convenient, are not necessarily nourishing alternatives. However busy they may be, discriminating parents should take time out to plan and prepare nutrie...


Minimize food wastage with Glad kitchen helpers

Many people unknowingly lose money due to cash leaks in their household budget, and one vital source of cash leak is food wastage. Glad helps consumers address this issue, along with a need to hand...


Janice de Belen shares famous Choco Chip Cookies

The popular chocolate chip cookie originated from the United States. History states that the recipe was accidentally developed by Ruth Graves Wakefield, owner of a restaurant famous for its home-co...


SOS for working moms during the holidays

Even seasoned parents sometimes get overwhelmed when they try to juggle their work, parenting and personal time. That’s why many busy Moms and Dads appreciate the conveniences of tools an...


Safe and Nutritious Baon Begins at Home

Protecting your child’s baon doesn’t just begin the moment your kid steps out the door to go to school. Before a sandwich or rice meal makes its way into your child’s lunch box, it first exist...


Bento moms put the cool in school ‘baon’

A group of young Filipino moms is helping take away the stress of preparing daily food or baon for their school-age children and is instead advocating fun in the kitchen. Long-standing friends April...


Glad helps you celebrate the “Love Month” in style

You have probably tried some of these before – sending out traditional greeting cards, creating handmade notes or even buying a bouquet of roses for your loved ones. This Valentines, make your loved ones feel much more “special” by...