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Glad Cook 'n' Bake is wet strong. It is ideal for chilling or freezing moist non-stick foods. It keeps food fresh and aromatic and it's taste neutral.

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Which Glad® products are recyclable?

GladWare food protection containers, Glad Storage Zipper Bags and Glad Freezer Zipper Bags are recyclable. Since GladWare food protection containers are #5 plastic, they can be recycled anywhere #5 plastic is accepted. Glad Storage Zipper Bags and Glad Freezer Zipper bags can be recycled anywhere that plastic bags are accepted. Please check www.plasticbagrecycling.org for a location in your area.

Where can I buy Glad® Products?

Glad products are available in leading supermarkets nationwide.

Can I use Glad® Bags, Containers and other products in the freezer?

Glad ClingWrap: Yes, though we recommend placing meat in GLAD Storage or Freezer Zipper Bags.

Glad Food Bags:Yes, though we recommend using GLAD Freezer Zipper Bags.

Glad Freezer Bags: Yes

GladWare Containers: Yes

Glad OvenWare:Yes

Can I use Glad® Bags, Containers and other products in the oven?

Glad OvenWare is specifically designed for gas ovens, convection ovens and conventional ovens, though the lid is not designed for use with conventional ovens. You can grease the pan prior to cooking, if you wish. We recommend that you place a cookie sheet underneath when cooking.

Can I use Glad® Bags, Containers and other products in the microwave?

Glad Cling Wrap: Yes – it promotes uniform cooking and prevents splattering!
Glad Food Bags: Not recommended.
Glad Freezer Bags: Not recommended.
GladWare Containers: Yes – lift one corner of the lid prior to microwaving.
Glad OvenWare: Yes

Do Glad® products contain BPA or phthalates?

No. Glad food containers, wraps, storage bags and other food contact products are not made of phthalates or polycarbonate. Nor is Bisphenol A (BPA) used as a raw material in their production. For more information, read our official statement.

Do Glad® products contain PVC?

No. We don’t use any polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics in our products. Our products are made from polyethylene and don’t contain any plasticizers.

Which Glad® products are reusable?

GladWare food protection containers and Glad OvenWare containers are reusable. Simply wash the container with your dishes after use. Glad OvenWare is dishwasher-safe and GladWare Containers are top-rack dishwasher-safe.

Which Glad® products are compostable?

Glad bags are 100% compostable in municipal composting facilities, and they disintegrate rapidly into compost that can help support plant life.

Is it safe to use Glad® Wraps directly on food?

Yes, the ingredients in Glad ClingWrap and Glad Press ’n Seal have been approved by the FDA for use on food. In fact, the adhesive we use for Press ’n Seal Wrap is frequently found on fruit and vegetable labels.

Can I use Glad® Wraps to wrap a wound?

We do not recommend using Glad Wraps to wrap wounds—it wasn’t designed for this purpose.

Can I put GladWare® in the dishwasher?

GladWare food protection containers are top-rack dishwasher safe.

Can I use Glad® Trash Bags for food storage?

We do not recommend using Glad Trash bags for food storage.

How do I use GladWare® containers with interlocking lids?

Locking lids together is easy — just place one lid on a flat surface and a second lid of the same shape on top. Gently press down on the button in the center of the top lid until you feel the two lids connect. You can repeat this process to lock additional lids of the same shape onto the stack. Once you have locked lids together, store the stack of connected lids in your container storage area. That way, your lids will stay organized and you’ll have the right lid when you need it.